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New and Improved Donor Emails

At GoodUnited we have an internal mantra that we use to keep ourselves focused:

What would donors think?  

We use this mantra as a way to ensure that we’re always doing what’s right for the donor.  This relentless focus enables us to continuously improve the GoodUnited donor experience, on behalf of the non-profits we support.

As part of our product development process we regularly get feedback from donors.  During our feedback sessions there were were several consistent themes:

  1. Design and user experience is incredibly important for donors to buy into using a new product
  2. Donors are more likely to engage with emails that have less content
  3. We need to do a better job of distinguishing GoodUnited from the non-profits we support

We couldn’t agree more.  We’re working hard to make the product better every week.   

Next week we’re launching a big update to our donor emails.

Some highlights include:

  • bringing forward non-profit branding (and de-emphasizing GoodUnited branding)
  • adding pictures to support the content
  • cleaning up the overall design so that the content is easier to digest
  • Reducing the amount of content in the emails

Here’s a sneak peek at the new digest template:

Digest Email Template


We have some BIG updates to announce soon!  In the meantime, please keep sending feedback and feature requests to

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