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Donor personalization just got a whole lot easier

Our mantra at GoodUnited -what would donors think- helps us focus on doing what’s best for donors, on behalf of the non-profits we support.  Every week we release new features to continuously improve the donor experience.

This week we have 3 big updates:

1.  Donors can now pinpoint what they care about by clicking thumbs up and thumbs down on content within emails





2. Donors will never receive the same content twice in their digests

3. We redesigned the GoodUnited website to increase donor engagement

The Details

1) We’ve made it easier for donors to pinpoint what they care about

We’re making it even easier for donors to personalize their experience and tell non-profits what they care about by adding thumbs up and thumbs down to each piece of content.

Here’s how it works:

a) Donors receive a single piece of content in their inbox with an opportunity to thumbs up or thumbs down.

Donor Email Template1.png

b) When donors click the thumbs, they’re brought to GoodUnited where they can view additional posts and give additional insight into what they care about. 

c) Next time they receive an email digest,  it will include more relevant content based on what they like.  

2) Donors only receive new content in their Digests

Going forward, we won’t deliver the same content twice to a supporter. Nonprofits can rest easy knowing that your supporters won’t ever get duplicate content.  

3) We redesigned the GoodUnited website to increase donor engagement

As donors click on content in their emails and visit GoodUnited, we want them to explore other content from the non-profit they support.  This new design provides a much better user experience by making content easier to consume and explore.

We expect these changes to make a big impact!  Please keep sending feedback and feature requests to
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