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All About that Engagement

Here's a stat to make you not want to write another email to your donors:

On average only 2% of your donors are going to click on a link in your email

This means that if you send an email to 1,000 donors, only 20 will take the first step in doing whatever action you want them to take.  

Even worse, since donors are getting bombarded with emails, your carefully crafted emails may never get opened or clicked at all!

This means:

  • it's harder than ever to stay top-of-mind

  • fewer opportunities to get your donors to take action

  • less social media sharing/promoting of your message

  • fewer donations of time, money, or experience

The Good News

As part of the GoodUnited solution we optimize donor engagement on your behalf.  In order to make sure we're continuously delivering value to your donors, we continuously run A/B tests on the digest emails.  Of course, you need to make sure you're adding high value GoodUnited content first.

Recently we've been testing click-through-rates for one content emails vs. three content emails.



After extensive analysis, the results are in...

With 99% certainty, single content emails are 30+% more likely to get clicked than three content emails







 I know, I know - we were surprised, too!  

If you're an organization actively using GoodUnited I'm sure you have a ton of questions.  Let me try to answer some things you may be thinking about:

  • Should I keep adding content every day? 

    • Yes, you absolutely should keep adding content every day.  Our personalization engine selects the most relevant piece of content for your each of your supporter's digests.  In order to keep your open and click-through-rates up, you should add a variety of content that your marketing expert provides every week. 

  • What if I have a time sensitive post that I want to make sure is included in my supporter's digests?

    • In the coming weeks we'll be releasing an "override" button that ensures a custom post is seen by all your supporters. We'll send more information on this highly requested feature soon!

  • Will my donors see the content that's not in their digest?

    • Yes!  Once a donor clicks the content in their email, they're brought to their personal feed where they can see the rest of your content that's relevant based on their interests.  On average your donors are reading at least 2 pieces of content every time they visit GoodUnited.  That's better than if a donor clicks a single link in a traditional newsletter.

      Pages per session.png

  • How do I know that my posts are getting delivered to my supporters?

    • We recently started sending Weekly Updates to openly communicate results.  These reports will show which content is most delivered and the corresponding engagement metrics. 

 We're actively working to provide the best possible experience for your donors.  This learning is one small step in understanding what your donors like, so you know what moves them to give.  

If you're not yet using GoodUnited and you want to learn what your supporters care about, click the button below to request a personal demo of the GoodUnited solution.

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Otherwise, if you have any questions or want more info, leave a comment below.
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