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GoodUnited is your automated gifts officer for the 95% of donors you don't have time to reach  

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Uniquely crafted by donors and nonprofit founders

We created the donor experience we always wanted

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I volunteered for 3-months in Cape Town, South Africa, working for a nonprofit I cared deeply about. When I got back home I fell out of touch with the nonprofit due to poor communications.  I co-founded GoodUnited to create a better donor experience.

-Jeremy, Co-founder of GoodUnited

I started the nonprofit, Stop Soldier Suicide (SSS), because we lose more men and women to suicide than to the enemy.  With 9 out of 10 donors not giving a second gift, I co-founded GoodUnited to retain the donors that support the good work of SSS.

-Nick, Co-founder of GoodUnited

Introducing the perfect donor experience

What is the perfect donor experience?

Donors stay involved with your nonprofit through curated stories, personalized updates, and ways to help - delivered right to their inbox.

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Craft the perfect donor experience from one simple dashboard

Give donors a reason to stay engaged by easily adding relevant stories, updates, and calls-to-action.

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Create stories

Keep your donors active by posting stories and updates about your organization

Connect to a cause

Discover and post relevant articles about the causes your donors support

Deliver calls-to-action

Mix in donation requests, event invitations, and volunteer opportunities

GoodUnited works alongside your existing CRM, email, and donation tools so you don't have to worry about duplicating efforts. 


Save time.  Work smarter.

As donors engage, GoodUnited learns and identifies what actions you should take to create a better, more personal donor experience.

Every week, personalized emails are automatically delivered to your donors based on their interests.

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Personalized Emails

Supporter Insights

Curated Content

Team User Accounts

Expert Designed Emails

Priority Support

Facebook Integration

Email Automation

Start giving your donors the experience they deserve.

GoodUnited can supercharge your donors experience - and it's easy to get started.